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Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Treatment in Sydney CBD

man sleeping with his mouth openHaving transient or partial sleep apnoea means it’s tough for you to get a good night’s sleep. CDC Dental offers you a solution that will leave you feeling well-rested and refreshed every morning.

Sleep apnoea devices gently pull your lower jaw forward. This movement opens your airway, allowing you to breathe more freely. Better oxygenation means you won’t snore, which is often appreciated by spouses of those with sleep apnoea! You’ll feel happier and healthier overall when you’re able to sleep better.

How Can a Dentist Help You Sleep Better?

Some types of sleeping disorders or chronic snoring symptoms are due to how the soft tissues relax near the back of your throat. When you lie down to sleep, these tissues seal against one another and block oxygen flow.

Because dentists are experts when it comes to oral anatomy, it’s possible for them to work with your sleep physician to find a non-invasive solution that combats the effects of snoring and certain types of sleep apnoea.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Dr Tony Goswell will meet with you for an initial consultation. If you may be a good candidate, we’ll have you do a sleep study to make the final decision about whether these devices can help you. A physician supervises the study to make sure that your problem isn’t due to any other factors or doesn’t require any other form of treatment.

After the study is completed, you’ll return to CDC Dental so that we can fit you for your custom-made device. We’ll monitor you regularly to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Replacing Your CPAP With an Oral Appliance

Depending on the type of sleeping disorder that you have, a customised oral sleep appliance could offer fast and effective results. These aids position the lower jaw in a way that prevents soft tissues from closing off the back of the mouth and upper airway.

From the first night’s use, you may be able to notice significant improvement. Some of our oral sleep appliance patients are even able to stop wearing their CPAP at night. Working closely with our sleep dentistry team and your physician or pulmonologist is key to discovering the most comfortable option for your unique needs.

How to Know If You Have a Sleeping Disorder

There are many symptoms that can indicate a possible sleeping problem. From snoring to chronic fatigue, the effects of poor sleep can have a tremendous impact on your health and underlying medical issues. If you suspect that you have a sleeping disorder, we can perform a screening in our office and refer you for a sleep study to acquire a formal diagnosis.

Enjoy comfortable, quality dental care. Schedule your appointment today!


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