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Invisalign® Braces in Sydney CBD

A beautiful smile with perfectly aligned teeth can be the ultimate confidence booster. With Invisalign®, you have an alternative to the metal braces that are now a thing of the past. This modern approach to straightening teeth uses a series of custom-made aligners created just for you. They’re comfortable, smooth and virtually invisible.

Your teeth will gently be shifted into place based on the desired amount of straightening you’ve discussed with Dr Tony Goswell. Without uncomfortable metal brackets or wires, getting straight teeth is simpler than ever with no interference in your everyday life.

Get Started on a Straighter Smile

At your appointment for Invisalign®, Dr Tony will take X-rays, pictures and moulds of your teeth. We’ll then create a digital 3-D image of your mouth currently and show you how your teeth will gently move into place during each treatment stage.

The custom-made aligners will be switched out every two weeks as you move into further stages of treatment. Each aligner will gradually shift your teeth more until they’re in the desired position. We recommend that you wear the aligners for 20-22 hours per day and will monitor your progress with regular checks.

On average, treatment for adults takes about a year. Once it’s completed, we may recommend retainers to keep your teeth in position and your smile looking beautiful. You can visit for more information.

Get the smile of your dreams. Schedule your appointment with our practice today or call us on (02) 9231 3822.


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