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Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

If you want to erase years of stubborn stains and see your tarnished teeth turn into a set of gleaming pearly whites then our teeth brightening solutions can help. While the majority of patients can have professional teeth whitening done, to be a candidate you should have healthy teeth and gums with little or no restorations.

Before undertaking any teeth whitening treatment you should come and see us to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy. We also recommend a checkup and clean with the hygienist who uses Airflow technology for a comfortable cleaning experience.

Who Shouldn’t Have Whitening?

  • Those under age 18: Professional teeth whitening is not suitable for those under the age of 18. That’s because the mineral content in a child’s tooth is considerably less than that found in an adult tooth. Teeth whitening could disrupt the mineral calcification process.
  • Pregnant and Lactating Women: Pregnant women and new mums should avoid teeth whitening as breast milk and the placenta can be susceptible to chemicals.
  • Those with severe teeth sensitivity or certain medical conditions: If your teeth are excessively sensitive then we don’t recommend teeth whitening. However, if you experience mild sensitivity then our Zoom Whitening may be right for you. That’s because it contains a substance that protects tooth enamel resulting in reduced sensitivity.
  • We also don’t recommend teeth whitening for those with periodontal disease, oral cancer or excessively worn and damaged enamel.

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