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Digital Smile Design: Smile Makeovers, Veneers and Implants

Digital smile designWith advanced Digital Smile Design (DSD), our team can help you achieve the smile of your dreams-and the best part? You can see the final results before treatment ever begins. In fact, we invite you to be a part of the process. Our team will meet with you and take photos and video of your current smile during a consultation. Then, we’ll discuss your goals and which treatments can help you achieve your desired look. We’ll be able to show you digitally exactly what your final smile will look like-leaving you feeling at ease and excited to begin care! We’ve helped many patients just like you to achieve their smile of their dreams. Commonly, DSD involves the use of treatments like veneers, implants and full smile makeovers. Smile Makeovers: A smile makeover can involve the use of multiple treatments in one, including teeth whitening, veneers, implants, orthodontics, gum work and crowns.. Depending on your unique needs, we’ll let you know if a full smile makeover is the best course of care for you-we’ve always got your best interest at heart. Veneers: Veneers involve placing a thin tooth-like substance (typically made of porcelain) on top of your natural tooth. Veneers can help improve the shape, colour, texture and function of chipped, small, broken or misaligned teeth. Implants: If you’re missing a tooth, replacing one or multiple teeth with a dental implant is often the best course of action. During care with us, we’ll ensure your implants function and look exactly as your natural teeth-and maybe even better.

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Is a custom smile makeover in your future? We can’t wait to help you find out. Contact our practice today to book your first appointment so that we can get a better idea of your smile goals. We look forward to meeting you!

Digital Smile Design: Smile Makeovers, Veneers and Implants | CDC Dental

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